Denim by PE NATION

pe_denimThe opening sixteen piece range is the first conceptually designed denim offering for the brand, which is a play on the retro aesthetics of the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s. The nostalgic line comprises of staple pieces like jeans and jackets – all of which have been designed to pair back with a specific outerwear collection of singlets, tees, tanks and sweats.

Designed by Tregoning and Edwards in Sydney, Australia – the duo, with a pedigree in denim design, construction, and styling, have created a collection produced by “the Godfather of denim” – Adriano Goldschmied (AG) in California, USA. Goldschmid’s expert knowledge of its, fabrications, washes and production partners effortlessly fuse heritage quality and manufacturing with the modern designs of Denim. By P.E Nation.

What makes this denim unique is the way it reimagines how we see and wear denim. It’s a tight and well thought-out offering engineered.


Justine Paolone